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Purpose of this page is to be the only place for sharing links with each other.

John Carmack (the guy who made the Doom) on FP

Scheme Compiller for embedded

OMG LOL Bash On Balls

Rust — Intrestring language by Mozilla for the FF of the future. NISHTYAKS: Mostly immutabile data manipulation, handful of FP features, Erlang-like concurrency, C performance, C-like syntax (FUUUUU~), cross-platform.

Mythryl — something like ML + C + Lisp

Ur is a programming language in the tradition of ML and Haskell, but featuring a significantly richer type system. Ur is functional, pure, statically-typed, and strict. Ur supports a powerful kind of metaprogramming based on row types.

Types in CL

Harlan — another Scheme-like language which tries to be multiparadigm; anyone to take a closer look at it? (~ avst)

Boost::Spirit C++ Library – a Boost library that enables CFG rules to be written in pure C++ expressions.

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