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Seminar for Programming Paradigms

Notes on this wiki

This is the title page of the new InteLib Wiki, which is powered with DocuWiki. You can visit the old InteLib Wiki as well, but please note it is now read only.

Index of all pages

FIXME Not too much content is now available on this new Wiki, so if you've got some time, please help us populate it. One of the most important directions of this activity is to move some existing content from the old Wiki to this new one.

Please feel free to visit back this page and edit it to mention any content you create here.

Road map

All the content directly related to InteLib as such (that is, the software library itself, as opposit to any projects that use it and any stuff we use in our work) should go to the intelib namespace. Presently, there's only one page: What is InteLib?, which is actually a copy of the static page "What Is InteLib".

You can visit our guestbook to leave us a note.

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