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Friends, look at this filenames: sexpress.hpp, sexpress.cpp

No associations? ;-)

Heh, Dr.Freud would be happy with InteLib ;-). Ok, what can you suggest instead of sexpress? Well, this is not the only naming problem, actually; so let's discuss the InteLibNamingProblems -- AndreyStolyarov

I think it is a good idea to have a place with bibtex database of all articles mentioned on this site, especially of articles in Papers section of non-wiki part of the site. -- Dendik

Hmmm. I've got a question. Does Awki really support various versions of documents? Have you enabled diff, rcs, cvs or whatewer is being used by Awki? -- Elentin

No, awkiawki does not support displaying diffs. But. Look at the PageHistory link at the bottom of page. You'll see why I always ask to leave a meaningful comment in comment line near save button :-) -- Dendik

I mean, awkiawki does store versions of document in rcs and Croco has that option enabled and you can use it. -- Dendik

Of course, I do know, what is PageHistory for. But when I click any of links "view" trying to look at old versions of the document on this page, I don't see old version of the page, only current version. So I wonder, is rcs enabled or not, or I don't understand, how to use it :-). -- Elentin

It seems to you that you see old version. If it wasn't, diff would not tell me the aproriate results (and it did -- at least once; by the way helping me very much in understanding what has changed on page with untitled change -- Dendik

Stop! I don't understand. It seems to me that I see new version. How do you make Awki to tell you diff? -- Elentin

I don't make Awki tell me diff. I wget two pages and diff them -- Dendik

Strange... Try this link: It should be a very old (1.1) version of this page, without almost any text. -- OlegFrantsuzov

There seems to be a problem in SeminarMPP: Oleg prefers standard of naming without any mentioning of err... second name. Is it a good idea to switch entirely to this standard? -- Dendik

I suppose, no. I think, we have no need in naming standart like this one or that one. I also don't like "english style" of russian names with shortened second name, but I don'h have any idiosyncrasies for it, so for me it is not a critical problem.

But. Note that on my page (ElenTin) there is a note, that I prefer naming myself Olya, not Olga (unformal, of course!), and not Oliga. On you page (MeDendik), there is a note, that your surname is Alexeevsky, not Alekseevskiy, or Alekseevsky or other. Oleg prefers calling him without shortened second name, what's wrong?

Summary, I just wanted to say that I think, we can write our names in english style, or in common style, it is not in priciple. -- Elentin

I think it is worth raising Unicode topic in InteLibRoadMap (matters to me since haskell is supposed to treat everything (except for Binary and Bitstreams) as Unicode; the only string data in Haskell is type Char which is a Unicode Character) -- MeDendik

Ok... this could be a good yearwork for someone ;) Well, I myself don't feel interested in unicode (and I even would like to hang or shoot those who invented this monster), but since it is there, there's no real reason for resistance. There can be support for it in sexpress -- AndreyStolyarov

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