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See the page for the details on the engine which makes InteLibWiki run.


This instance of awki is tweaked for several things:



*A silly question: is it possible to tweak the engine so that it showed the last editor's name (i.e. the text after '--' in the last comment) in RecentChanges? That would be easier to follow the discussion.

// 'm sure it is, but is it efficient and necessary? )* -- RamosianGlider

Definitely not very easy: text of RecentChanges is generated from output of ls -l (and some other flags). :)

*Yeah, I see. It even doesn't know it works with files, it looks like a special wrapper should be used for ls. Sorry then.*

Hey, if you write a patch, I'll put it there :) ... You can get InteLib's patched version of awki here: (I think it'll stay there a couple of days) -- MeDendik

[BTW, it might be not a bad idea to notify the author of original AwkiAwki about the improvements you've done -- AndreyStolyarov]

Uhm.. Yeah, I keep that in mind. I doubt though it will bother him in any way, but I will when I have time for that. -- MeDendik

[I've just noticed that AwkiAwki produces invalid html :( Since MeDendik took over the maintenance of this instance of AwkiAwki, I just put the information here in the hope he'll take care about it. Details are here: -- AndreyStolyarov ]

First, I'd like to ask you to put all idle chatter in corresponding paragraph, since it is idle chatter. Second, AFAIS, these w3c compliance subjects are plain awki's, not of the patches. (Actually, it's just the most important argument to call this subject idle chatter). Third, it was on the news that I'm actually going to modify html output of this awki alot, so I'll check to see it's w3c compliance when I'm doing it. -- MeDendik

And just for your consideration: -- MeDendik

[Ok, ok, if it's that important for you that the text is placed near bottom of the page and not atop :) Well, anyway, there's still that strange align attribute which doesn't make much sense for a form, does it? And definitely there should be the doctype tag at the beginning of any generated html page. Yes, using 3.2 instead of 4.01transitional looks better. These patches are not too hard to do, I could patch awki myself, but I just don't want to get the risk of code collisions with your css-related experiments. -- AndreyStolyarov]

It is' important since it's definitely not the thing uninterested visitor wants to see! You're very unlikely to produce any collisions with CSS, since there is almost no CSS yet (you'd notice the changes!), so if you want to do it, do it. (I dont' mind in any way). But I'm soon (as I get some free time -- that could vary from a few days to a few months) going to do some quite major rewrite and I'll probably make it either "HTML4.0 strict", or "XHTML 4.0 strict". -- MeDendik

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